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Data and intelligence can make a significant contribution to smart and sustainable urbanization and the renewal of mobility. The DMI-ecosystem is a partnership of governments, companies and knowledge institutions to help accelerate in this. Everyone who aims to contribute to the smart and sustainable design and functioning of our cities can participate, provide data, use data, develop and apply intelligence. But within socially responsible frameworks and on the basis of clear agreements on quality and use. In the DMI-ecosystem, there are instruments and facilities available for this purpose that everyone can use under the same conditions.

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We want to achieve the following

The General Facilities is the collective name for the facilities we develop and manage in order to make available and use the data we offer and search for. Even if this data is sensitive in terms of origin or content. The General Facilities ensure that participants can offer and purchase products and services within the Agreements Framework including agreements that will be added in the future. As a result, new applications can be realized and new data sources accessed more quickly. Findable, reusable, transparent, responsible and reliable are the keywords.

To start with

The following will be worked on in the coming period:

  • Products and Services Catalog

    This is the showcase of the DMI ecosystem: the complete overview of supply and demand for data, services, knowledge and applications can be found here. This is an online environment, built by AMS-IX.

  • Identification, Authentication and Authorization

    Suppose you share a dataset on the DMI-ecosystem, but you want only municipalities to be able to use it, and not competing companies. That can be arranged: as a provider, you can decide who gets access to your data. The DMI-ecosystem uses iSHARE for this purpose. This is a set of agreements by which parties in the PDC provide each other with access to their product or service.

  • Review

    An outside party will review the DMI-ecosystem for compliance with laws, regulations and other agreements.

  • Administration

    Transaction logging, financial records and participant records all fall under General Facilities.

  • Registration

    Registers are used for sensors and algorithms so that we are transparent in the use of these technologies.

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Your point of contact

Want to know more? Then contact Vincent Habers, theme leader of General facilities.

  When developing the General Facilities, we look closely at what customers, suppliers, municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions need in order to make optimal and trusted use of the DMI-ecosystem. And then together create concrete solutions that are fit-for-purpose. That forms the basis. 

Building Together
General facilities

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