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Connected Transport

With Connected Transport you use real-time data: data that is currently relevant for your planning and trips. By using this smartly, you reduce costs, incur fewer delays, do more with the same drivers and make your customers happy!

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Save time, money and send drivers on the road better

Imagine saving thousands of dollars in fuel costs every year. Trucks get green at traffic lights more often. And your driver is always optimal and safe on the road, because you know exactly where there are delays along the way. A dream?

Not anymore! Because with Connected Transport, smart mobility applicationsyou can get this done in no time.
With these applications you use real-time data: data that are relevant to your planning and trips at this moment. By using these smart applications you reduce costs, incur fewer delays, do more with the same drivers and make your customers happy!


In-truck signaling and speed advisories

Information about the speed limit, advisory speed, overtaking bans and lane configuration? Your driver receives it clearly via an app or directly via the on-board computer. We send only the most important information, so it stays pleasant and safe.

In-truck info on hazardous situations and operations

An accident, a car stopped by the side of the road, a road inspector working on the shoulder of the road.... All situations that surprise you during a drive. Our application keeps the driver informed and advises on what to do best in these situations.

Prioritizing intelligent traffic control systems

In other words, smart traffic lights. That means your trucks get green lights more often. This promotes traffic flow enormously. It saves braking and acceleration and therefore a lot of time, fuel and C02 emissions.

In-truck current information on iVRI

Even if you don't get priority, you also benefit from the iVRI. In fact, the information service advises drivers on how fast they should drive to avoid red lights. This way, the truck rolls on quietly or you drive just a little faster, so that your drivers continue smoothly at green light.

In-truck bringing of road sensor data

Updates on tire pressure, weight and parking spots are relayed directly to your on-board computer. Not only is this tremendously safe, it also provides insight into your exact weight for loads at docks and bridges. You also know exactly where a safe parking spot is available.

Data for planning and routing

Every municipality has its own rules about window times and parking spaces, and as a logistics planner you just have to know. With this application, the data is immediately processed in the planning package, for example: loading/unloading spaces, environmental zones, preferred routes and more.

 Tire pressure gauges in the road surface record tire pressure. Drivers are proactively notified of this. This increases safety and saves on fuel. 

Twan Gossens - MobiCoach

These IT vendors provide Connected Transport

Benefits for your transportation company

Save on your (fuel) costs.

Better flow: do more in less time.

Smart insights for your transportation planning.

And are you taking advantage of a subsidy? Then you get compensation. Check it out here.

Benefits for your drivers

Security notifications and alerts within one device.

More peace of mind in the cab through better understanding of traffic situations.

Appropriate advice to correctly respond to dangerous situations.

The system is very unique because you make many different links, with various devices onboard and off the truck.

Alexander Koek - Yunex Traffic

These IT vendors provide Connected Transport

Tire pressure gauges in the road surface record tire pressure. Drivers are proactively notified of this. This increases safety and saves on fuel.

Edwin Marijnissen - LogiApp


Step 1

Check your IT vendor

Are you interested in the service? Ask your IT vendor if they use Connected Transport. 

Step 2


Agree with your IT vendor whether it is of interest to you and how many vehicles you will participate with.

Step 3

Apply for subsidy

Apply for your grant. Green light? Yes, how great that you're getting in.

Step 4

Train your drivers

Agree with your IT supplier when to start and train your drivers. You will receive handy instruction videos for this.

Step 5

Ready, set, go

Are your drivers onboard? Then for your IT vendor, it's one press of a button and off you go.

Step 6


Of course, your IT vendor remains available for questions and data reports.

Before, we all had different devices in the truck. The big advantage of this system is that it all comes in on one device. A lot safer for the driver.

Wilbert van Uden - Van Uden-Bekx Transport

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Are you participating? Then use our grant.

Do you want to get started with our applications? Then we have good news. Because as a transporter, you can apply for an exclusive grant to finance it.

Use the button below to view available grants for businesses with a physical location in Overijssel.

C02 reduction, fuel savings and improved traffic flow.

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