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Connected Transport Week 2024

From June 17 to 20, the national Connected Transport Week will take place. Transporters, road authorities and logistics IT suppliers can learn about smart logistics data applications during various events. These technologies contribute to a safer and accessible Netherlands that is ready for the future. The week is an initiative of several cooperating regions (municipalities and provinces) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to work with the sector to bring Connected Transport into logistics practice.

Photo of a truck loading and unloading on a busy city street


Photo of loading and unloading in Utrecht

Traffic information in the on-board computer

Part of the week includes testing real-time traffic information via the on-board computer in the truck. Among other things, drivers will receive safety messages and alerts in on their on-board computer, with appropriate advice to respond to dangerous situations. Better insight into traffic situations increases safety and provides more peace of mind in the cabin. Prioritization of logistics at smart traffic lights allows trucks to pass more smoothly. This saves fuel, reduces CO2 and nitrogen emissions and increases driver comfort.

Use of government road authority data for logistics

There is also a focus on the use of data by road authorities. For example, road authorities can make data on local window times, school zones, environmental zones, loading and unloading points and planned road works available to the logistics sector in a standardized way. IT suppliers incorporate this information into logistics software. That makes it easier for planners to choose the right route. And drivers receive a notification along the way that they are approaching a zone or window time area. This helps reduce search traffic in the city and minimize nuisance logistics.

Photo of Zero Emission trucks from Albert Heijn
Photo of a logistics distribution center

Nationwide approach

The Connected Transport Week is organized by Municipality of Almelo and Province of Overijssel, Amsterdam Logistics (Province of Noord-Holland and Municipality of Haarlemmermeer), SmartwayZ.NL (Province of Noord-Brabant and Province of Limburg and a number of municipalities including Municipality of Breda), Province of Utrecht and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. 

For more information about the program, please send an email to Robbert Janssen, Project Leader Smart Logistics at the Ministry of I and W.

Safer, smarter and more sustainable organization of logistics flows.
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