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Do you have a specific question for one of the members of the DMI-team? 

If so, send him/her an email.

Portrait photo of Caspar de Jonge

Caspar de Jonge

Ultimately responsible DMI-team

Portrait photo of Noor van den Brink

Noor van den Brink

Point of contact Smart urbanization and public space

Portrait photo of Sonja Hulshoff

Sonja Hulshoff

Point of contact knowledge

Portrait photo of Jacques van Berkel

Jacques van Berkel

Legal Affairs Liaison

Photo by Vincent Habers

Vincent Habers

Point of contact for businesses and General Facilities

Portrait photo of Anna Bootsma

Anna Bootsma

Point of Contact Hubs

Portrait photo of Robbert Janssen, theme leader Logistics

Robbert Janssen

Point of contact Smart Logistics

Photo by Dirk Grevink

Dirk Grevink

Point of Contact public transportation

Photo by Marcel Westerman, Ministry of IenW

Marcel Westerman

Point of Contact Urban Traffic

Portrait photo of Arjan Spruijt

Arjan Spruit

Point of contact for new participants

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